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Mobile Manicure & Pedicure in Calgary, AB

Professional Mobile Spa & Nails - Anywhere in Calgary!

Whether you are a retired worker, a caretaker, or a busy professional, a fresh manicure and pedicure can empower you to seize the day!


Jessica’s Beauty Service is proud to bring hand, foot, and nail treatments to your home, office, care facility, or preferred location in the city.


In-home or mobile manicures and pedicures are perfect for anyone who:

  • Has a busy schedule or no time to go to a nail salon
  • Has mobility or transportation issues
  • Has a health condition, disability, injury, or recent surgery that prevents them from seeking services
  • ​Is pregnant, nursing, or taking care of children at home​
  • Simply needs some well-deserved pampering

If you or your loved ones tick any of these boxes, we can bring the spa to your doorstep!

Our Unique Approach to Mobile Services

Convenient + Flexible


Wherever you are, we’ll be there. Our mobile manicures and pedicures are available anywhere in Calgary. Our quick and efficient setup will make this a breezy process adapted to your needs and space.


Gentle + Caring


We provide a relaxing, compassionate, and personal spa experience that supports your health and wellness. While beauty is important, your well-being and comfort are our top priorities.


Hygienic + Safe


We package individual kits for each service, including clean towels, disposable liners for the pedicure tub, and sterile tools. At the end of our visit, we take everything back to our sanitation station to clean and sterilize using Preempt CS20, per Alberta Health Services regulations.


Dry + Long-Lasting


Our services are soak-free! Yes, you read that right. Our dry treatments are cleaner and safer than conventional manicures and pedicures, especially if you have compromised skin—and they allow your polish to stand the test of time!



Licensed + Certified


Our team members are licensed, insured, and certified in the services they provide. We have experience working with seniors and medical conditions such as MS, Parkinson's, ALS, dementia, diabetes, cancer, and more.


Visit our About page for more information about our team and qualifications.

Mobile Manicure - Calgary, AB

Manicure — $65


Cherish your hands with our signature dry manicure treatment.

Service includes:


Why dry? Dry manicures are more hygienic, gentler, and longer-lasting than traditional water-based manicures. Soaking can make your skin and cuticles break easily and potentially open the door for bacteria to come in. Plus, when your fingernails absorb water, they expand and shrink back, affecting your polish durability.


We skip the water bowl and use an electric file with diamond bits to exfoliate your cuticles, which is safer than nippers. We also utilize the refining ball bit to apply cuticle oil, massaging it into the cuticles and skin around the nail to moisturize them. Your cuticles will stay smooth and free of hangnails for far longer than when applying the oil by hand.


Manicure With Gel Polish — $75


Add a touch of magic to your dry manicure with Magic Gel Polish, a Canadian polish that is cruelty-free, odour-free, long-lasting, and void of known carcinogens. 


This structured gel manicure consists of a gel base coat, a layer of Magic NailGuard builder gel, two coats of gel polish, and a gel top coat—all cured under an LED light. The builder gel strengthens and protects your nails from breaking, ensuring they remain beautiful and chip-free for 3-4 weeks! 



Deluxe Manicure – $125


Take it up a notch with a full manicure and intense moisturizing hand treatment that soothes and softens your skin. Service ncludes a dry manicure, moisturizing gloves filled with natural ingredients like shea butter, marine collagen, and vitamin E, and a comforting 30-minute hand massage to melt away any tension. Add gel polish for $10.


Manicure & Pedicure Package — $135


Our most popular service! Treat yourself to a combination of our dry manicure and pedicure. Includes everything under our manicure and pedicure services for a discounted rate! Add gel polish $20.


Deluxe Manicure & Pedicure Package — $245


Elevate your dry manicure and pedicure experience with all-in-one moisturizing treatments for your hands and feet. Service includes a blissful 30-minute hand and 30-minute foot massage to leave you feeling serene and walking on clouds! Add gel polish for $20.

Mobile Pediucure - Calgary, AB

Pedicure — $85


Enjoy a delightful treat for your feet with our signature dry treatment.


Service includes:


Why dry? Dry pedicures are more sanitary and delicate while supporting your polish durability. We opt for a quick wash and exfoliation instead of a long soak to avoid breaking your skin and cuticles and risking exposure to bacteria. Plus, when your toenails absorb water, they get swollen and eventually contract, making polish chip or flake sooner than desired.


We use a stainless steel file and an e-file with diamond pedicure bits to gently exfoliate your dry skin and cuticles—perfect for tough calluses and sensitive skin.


Pedicure With Gel Polish — $95


Get our signature dry pedicure with gel polish, which involves curing polish under an LED light to dry. Gel polish will help your pedicure remain durable and shiny for months, even when wearing winter boots or walking barefoot in the sand!


Deluxe Pedicure – $145


Let your feet rejoice and refresh with a full pedicure and intense moisturizing foot treatment. Service includes a dry pedicure, moisturizing foot booties packed with sweet almond oil, argan oil, vitamin E, and seaweed and a soothing 30-minute foot massage that's the cherry on top! Add gel polsih for $10.


Toenail Care — Calgary, AB


Toenail Cutting — $55


Don’t need a full pedicure? No problem. Toenail cutting includes cutting and filing nails, cuticle clean up and moisturizing foot foam application. Add finger nail cutting for $10.


NanoFlex Toenail Reconstruction — $65 per nail


Restore damaged toenails with NanoFlex, a nail reconstruction gel that is safe, flexible, durable, and comfortable. Get ready to finally wear your open-toed shoes or show off your feet—you’ll have fabulous toenails you won’t want to hide!



Onyfix Nail Correction — $75 per nail


Nails that are excessively curved and tend toward ingrown can be quite painful, but there’s a fix! The Onyfix nail correction system is a pain-free treatment that corrects nail growth after two applications, suitable for diabetic patients. It’s a band placed across the width of your toenail to hold it open as it grows, so it stays on the right track—instead of going into your skin.

Couples Manicure & Pedicure Packages — Calgary, AB

Manicures for Two – $125


Want to get a discounted manicure with your loved one? Name the place, and we’ll be there! Service includes dry manicures for two people, done side by side or one after the other. Add gel polish for $20.


Pedicures for Two — $165


Get a pedicure with someone special at a lowered rate! Service includes dry pedicures for two people, done side by side or one after the other. Add gel polish for $20.


Manicures & Pedicures for Two — $265


A private spa experience for you and your significant other with a sweet discount! Service includes dry manicures and pedicures for two people, done side by side or one after the other. Add gel polish for $40.

Spa Parties — Calgary, AB

Looking for manicures or pedicures for more than two people? Let’s have a party! 

Visit our Spa Parties page to find out more about our dreamy group treatments.

Let Us Bring the Spa to You!

It’s time to reeeeelax. 

Book ahead to ensure a date and time that fits your schedule. 

You can also get on the waitlist for last-minute openings or request recurring monthly appointments by filling out the contact form.

See you soon!

What Our Clients Say...

Katie Pearlman

“Jessica has been coming to our home for as long as she has had her mobile esthetic business. It has, each and every time, been a joy to see her. My nails always look great. And over the last few years, my husband has gotten pedicures every six weeks, which have gotten his feet into GREAT shape.

Jessica also sees my 97-year-old mother-in-law in her own home for manis and pedis, which she always looks forward to. That is a true blessing.”

Linda Lathrop

“Jessica is a skilled practitioner and is very sensitive to the needs of her clients. She is professional, and I appreciate her attention to cleanliness and safety procedures. She is motivated to continue learning in her wellness practice, as evidenced by her attendance at foot care workshops with a focus on people with cancer, diabetes, and more.”

Dee Murray

“Jill came to our home today to give my 83-year-old mother a manicure and pedicure in the comfort of her recliner. Mom has developed some mobility issues, and it has been far too long since her last nail visit. Finding Jessica’s Beauty Service was such a relief. Jill was friendly, kind, and great with my mom and our nosey dog. We will definitely be booking again!”

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