Mobile Manicure

In Calgary, AB

Mobile Manicures

In your Calgary home!

Manicure — $65


Cherish your hands with our signature treatment. 


Service includes:



Why dry? Dry manicures are more hygienic, gentler, and longer-lasting than traditional water-based manicures. Soaking can make your skin and cuticles break easily and potentially open the door for bacteria to come in. Plus, when your fingernails absorb water, they expand and shrink back, affecting your polish durability.


We skip the water bowl and use an electric file with diamond bits to exfoliate your cuticles, which is safer than nippers. We also utilize the e-file’s refining ball bit to apply cuticle oil, massaging it into the cuticles and skin around the nail to moisturize them. Your cuticles will stay smooth and free of hangnails for far longer than when applying the oil by hand.


IBX Manicure -- $75


Stengthen your natural nails with this manicure followed by the application of IBX Repair & Stregthen Treatment to help fuse together the layers of the nail and improve the integrety of the nail plate.


Manicure With Gel Polish — $75


Add a touch of magic to your dry manicure with Magic Gel Polish, a Canadian polish that is cruelty-free, odour-free, long-lasting, and void of known carcinogens. 


This structured gel manicure consists of a gel base coat, a layer of Magic NailGuard builder gel, two coats of gel polish, and a gel top coat—all cured under an LED light. The builder gel strengthens and protects your nails from breaking, ensuring they remain beautiful and chip-free for 3-4 weeks! 


Deluxe Manicure – $125


Take it up a notch with a full manicure and intensive moisturizing hand treatment that soothes and softens your skin. Service includes a dry manicure, moisturizing gloves filled with natural ingredients like shea butter, marine collagen, and vitamin E, and a comforting 30-minute hand massage to melt away any tension. Add gel polish for $10.


Couples Manicures

In your Calgary home!

Manicures for Two – $125


Want to get a discounted manicure with your loved one? Name the place, and we’ll be there! Service includes dry manicures for two people, done one after the other. Add gel polish for $20.


Looking for services for more than two people? Visit our Spa Party page to learn more about our dreamy group treatments.


Let Us Bring the Spa to You!

Calgary, AB

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